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SD or SDHC Card Not Showing the Correct Capactiy

Well, if you are like me, you have a few of these handy little microSD cards laying around that you have purchased over the years. Some of them arrive unformatted and when you attempt a format in Windows, well , things just look even more bleak.

Well, after Googling for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time and searching a TON of sites, many of which are FILLED with ads and malware, I came across this site. https://www.sdcard.org .

So, if you want to reformat and properly report the storage capacity of your SD or SDHC card, Micro or standard size, go to this website and under downloads, you can find and install the SDFormater utility.

It is a straight forward install and once you are done you can begin fixing all those small cards that have become boat anchors for ants.

I personally fixed a 4GB, 8 GB and a 32 GB MicoSDHC’s and they are all working like champs.