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Afternoon with Drayton McLane at U of H

Today was interesting for me. The owner of the Astros came in and spoke to a group of College of Technology students. I really never knew what it was that Mr. McLane made his money doing. The audience received a quick overview of his education at Baylor in 1958 and the consequent education he recieved working for his father’s grocery distribution company. The details were pretty interesting. No wonder he was a fan of “starting from the bottom.” Mr. McLane , fresh out of college, worked the docks of his father’s warehouse loading and unloading trucks.

Ultimatly the event ended with some sage words of advice for young minds about to enter the free market system, either as employees or entreprenuers.

Advice in the form of some pretty illustrative stories such as the following:

“There are two mountains with a wire bridge between their tops. A flea and an elephant cross the bridge together and at the end of the crossing the flea turns to the elephant and says, ‘we really shook things up didn’t we?’ Surround yourself with people that are impacting the world around them.”

Thanks Mr. McLane for the investment of your time this afternoon, we appreciate it.